Are you current on your dues?

This year our homeowner will receive a special gift in their stocking from the HOA. For all homeowners that are current and do not have an outstanding balance due, the HOA will provide a $25 gift card for Christmas.

Any homeowners with a balance due that would like to eligible for our holiday gift, please contact the HOA immediately to pay your dues. Outstanding balances must be paid by December 1, 2015 to be considered.

*Gift cards will be distributed by the HOA before December 25, 2015. Only one card per address is permitted.

Neighborhood Nescience


Some of you may have heard or encountered coyotes around your area. We have spoken to Animal Control and the Sedgwick County Department of Wildlife and they tell us we are not the only area affected by this. They have had several calls from all around the city. They tell us the coyotes are moving in closer to the city as their food sources dry up in the outlying areas.

Unfortunately, they cannot help us with this issue. They did give us some great tips to prevent further issues. By following some useful steps we can ensure that they move on from this area as well.

To read more about what you can do to help, visit


Holiday Party

I hope you will join us for our Brentwood Village Holiday Party!christmas

We will enjoy a holiday dessert bar and beverages.

Enter to win a $25.00 gift card just for coming!

If you would like to bring your best holiday dessert, you could win a $50.00 gift card!

For more information please email us at

Please RSVP by December 15th!

*This event is for Brentwood Village homeowners only.

Clean Up


We placed a community dumpster at the end of Stoneybrook for all our homeowners to use. Unfortunately, it was overloaded and people placed their trash all around the dumpster. We have requested a new dumpster to remove the trash however we need help to put all the new trash in the new dumpster. Please join me TODAY, June 30th at 7pm to help clean up this area. Any help would be Greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Michelle West


Community Trash Clean-Up, June 21-30

Community trash clean-up is June 21-30.

The dumpster will be located at the north end of Stoneybrook.

What we will accept:

  • All old appliances
  • Auto parts & engines (with oil removed)
  • Lawn mowers
  • Lawn chairs
  • Sheet metal
  • Old bicycles
  • Fencing or wood
  • Plastic & vinyl siding
  • Furniture and TVs
  • Roof material

What we will not accept:

  • Gas tanks
  • Sealed containers
  • Compost
  • Paint or hazardous materials
  • Batteries
  • Concrete
  • Propane tanks
  • Household garbage
  • Car bodies or frames
  • Tires
  • Bed spring & mattresses

Community Garage Sale, June 19-21

The dates of the community garage sale are June 19-21.

We will have signage at the entrance to our subdivision at Webb and Bluestem advertising the sale. We will also advertise on Craigslist and If you wish to place additional signs for your street, please be sure to follow the city’s sign placement rules, found here: Wichita – Garage Sale Information

You will also need to purchase your own garage sale license. These can be purchased at Dillon’s for $1.50/day.

Holiday Light Tour, Dec. 20th at 5:45 pm

We have room for up to 45 people. It is on a first come, first served basis. We will still take RSVPs so we can estimate a head-count. You can RSVP here:

Climb aboard the bus with your family and neighbors to tour the beautiful holiday lights of Wichita. Feel free to bring snacks and/or beverages with you.

The bus is scheduled to pick us up at 1902 S. Goebel.
From the Party Bus: There is no set route although we typically stick to what we think are the best spots. If the guests have other places they would like to go that is no problem, we are flexible! The bus driver does accept tips.

So we can depart on time, please arrive by 5:45 pm